domingo, 21 de setembro de 2014

Very Special Marriage Rings


If you are an artist of body and soul like my self, going the way down to Ginza to choose a marriage ring in a fancy shop is not enough, it has to be more than that. We discovered these rings surfing around the web, they have this kind of handmade look and in that day we saw them we thought "What a shame the shop is so far!". Yayoi Jewelry Shop is situated in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture and we would need around three hours to get there from Tokyo, And so we did it!


We planed a relaxed mini vacation weekend, we took the train in Tokyo Station and traveled to Nagoya and Gifu having as a mandatory stop the village of Toyohashi. We`ve never expected to find such a lovely, handmade atmosphere, literaly a couple of hands to welcome us with all the time in this world, the president and founder of Yayoi Shop Mr, Shige helped us to choose the right size.


And in the end we had a wonderful surprise! If you feel a tremendous attraction by the gold making process and for the refined techniques of jewelry making you can visit inside the shop atelier. At this moment we can be sure our rings are being made specialy for us, by hands full of wisdom and practice. 


Enjoy your life greatly, nobody can do it better than you!

Yayoi shop and Factory here
Address: 〒441-8106


TEL: 0532-46-3723


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