terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2014

Blue Jeans, I miss you

I must confess I had blogposts prepared but today I rather write about something delicious, something that gives me some eyecandy. Sorry! I know this is not meant to be a fashion blog at all but... Since I´m pregnant do you know what I most miss?? MY BLUE JEANS!!! I can`t fit in them for a very, very long time and perhaps it will take a few months till I can put them on again after my daughter is born next December.

Yeahh. there were days like these - I could fit a 38! I could seat confortable in seiza position... and wear my blue jeans on and on! Must keep on remmembering my old ME!

Blue  Jeans  I  miss  you !!!

Been looking all around Tokyo for nice pre-maman  clothing, I prefer real shopping since   I´m not quite sure about the size, but I found just some shops With Maternity Wear that I want to share with you:

H&M that has a small corner in Futako Tamagawa. Perhaps there are more. Also they have many large dresses.

United Colours of Benetton in Omote Sando, the italian brand always has a sense for baby and kids wear so as pre-maman Wear

Uniqlo I could use some items till now, 6 months, like dresses, pants, etc

Akachan Hompo, the brand sells many items for babies and you can find a good corner of maternity wear.

Muji, japanese brand that has a maternity clothing line

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