segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2014

More Ideas for Fabric Yarn

The new century is all about recycling and I love the idea. For years that my shop is selling this yarn that is not made from used tshirts but from leftovers from fabric factories of the north of Portugal. I saw this matherial being used and used and crossing oceans however I never got tired of it! Why? Because the colours are nice, the patterns are brilliant and it´s so soft and clean to work with it! Leaving you with a few more ideas! Check what other crafters are doing!


1. rug from RRetroRugs*** 2. bracelet from Borgica*** 3. pouff from LoopingHome*** 4. little handbag  from SewnDarnComfy*** 5. keychain from Crafts by Amanda*** 6. pillow by kitsdiezijin***  7. rug by gloandmo*** 8. rug bySol*** small pocketbag by Peggytrue

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