sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

Yahoo! Babel Fish - Tradutor de textos e páginas da web

Yahoo! Babel Fish - Tradutor de textos e páginas da web: "Ten things on me 1. I am 3º Dan de Aikido. I studied this art since mine 16 years of age and already I passed a set of ten of countries representing Portugal, many times for more than the only representative. This art marked me forever. One day wanted to be instructor and for this I studied as internal pupil of one of the women most influential of the martial arts. 2. I must suffer from the Syndrome of Peter Pan. Children? He is early! (I have 35 years almost) 3. Although to be the creator of the Chochas Dolls, I adore the color! 4. I love the animals, mainly the dogs and who will not be its friends never will be my friend. 5. I have asthma. Every day volume medication, although this every day I run invariably 4,5 kilometros. 6. I love my work. If it could was put in my atelier 24 hours of my day. 7. Already I lived sózinha in a village. 8. Already I lived sózinha in Tokyo. I am fluente in Japanese. 9. Living creature the four years with my namorido one. We know ourselves when we worked in one would pizaria. 10. I am untiring, hot, burning hot and always impatient a optimista."

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