quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2014

Recycling Kimonos and Yukata

It came to my hand a great serie of kimono and yukata and also a good serie of interior kimono clothing that I wonder what to do with it them. There are people who loves to wear kimono, both japanese and foreigner, also there are many artists who love kimono fabrics and working directly with them. I have a nice sequence of vintage kimono and yukata for sale in my shop just in case you like asian matherial to work. 

This last one is cotton and was used as interior clothing under the kimono. It´s almost transparent, very nice for a summer dress, you can`t deny the beauty of this simple vintage piece.


The other day we visied Shimokitazawa, a city that I simply adore by the amazing quantity of free markets and vintage shops I can find all around and had the chance to take a look on new designers work on vintage kimono. A shame that we were not allowed to take so many pictures...

But on-line there are many, many good ideas that can inspire yourself!

    From Alison Fomich, jewelry maker

Brauval Stock , great conjuction of colours and patterns

 Both bags from Kazue West 

 Nice kimono re-purposed as a dress from Sew in Love 

 Scarf from Colors Australia 

 From Attic Japan 

And even a limited edition from the sport brand Puma, that you can buy in designated shops.

Have a great Summer!

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