quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

Stay young and happy!

When I started my teacher career you could not tell if I was the teacher or a student. In such a way that once the stair employee came to me asking why I was at the teachers room or if you visit me in the class you would have a hard time guessing who the teacher was! Till today I have a junior appearance. There was times that the director called me into his office to ask if I didn`t liked high wheels! This made me laugh!

My young, joyful appearance is so strong and real that most people thinks that I´m 22, may be 23, and gets so, but so strange when I tell my real age... I´m  going to be 36 this year! - oh no!

Let me tell you my secrets:

1. I don´t smoke and I avoid smoke enviroments;
2. I try my best to sleep around 7 hours a night;
3. I eat vegetables and fruit and avoid meat.
4. I exercise everyday;
5. I try to solve everybody matters but don`t breack my head with impossible ones.
6. I go out only once a week and never too many hours.

Keep yourself happy!!
I´m not a serious fan of Oprah but sometimes she has nice articles.
Look at the gorgeous white hair!

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