quarta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2010

Supermarket Sarah and Other Great Ideas

When I saw Sarah Supermaket I couldn`t believe why I never had such an idea, it`s a great webplace where Sarah has nice white walls full of gorgeous items for you to buy, just clicking over the items. Sarah makes small groups of objects with something in common, just like Treasury in Etsy. Scennery is amazing and if you like art, design and vintage, just walk around and I`m sure you will find something!

This is a nice idea that I came to find at Re-Nest. The ecofashion, recycling wave is taking our lives for good. Join us in this new lifestyle, slow it down, take the subway and read the newspaper, without worries about traffic.

I´ve been a lot about magazines, but here`s a brand new one, avalaible just for you, the number ONE: Anthology.

Finally, let me tell you I will be releasing some vintage items in my Etsy shop, but no dolls for now.

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